3 Reasons Why Subscriptions Are All The Rage

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What do Netflix, The Times, StitchFix, and MailChimp have in common? They’re all subscription based!

Somewhere between the auto-pay convenience and annual discount pricing, we’ve all been sucked into the Subscription Economy; gym memberships and streaming services, here we are! But don’t worry, unlike the trope of the unused New Year’s resolution Planet Fitness memberships, the subscription economy is something to embrace.

More Value Offered

Companies are constantly evolving and bringing you more value. Because subscriptions are all about bundling, a product or service will often offer different tiers or packages with various add ons. With consumer wants and needs always demanding more options, higher quality options, or less expensive options, subscriptions are ever evolving to better suit consumer needs and give them more than a non-subscriber. Think of an annual museum membership subscription versus one pass tickets. With a membership, you get ticket discounts, shorter wait lines, free visits, and sometimes even reciprocal memberships with other museums – more and higher quality services, all at a cheaper rate. This same principle of better value is shared throughout the subscription economy – get more value, pay less money.

Better Customization

Unlike a “one size fits all” or a “pay to play” offering, many subscriptions bundle deals together so you can almost always create a tailored bundle or find a bundle that fits your needs. For instance, if you’re buying a coffee subscription, you can choose what types of beans you want and when you want them delivered. If you’re subscribing to netflix you can choose the number of screens that best fits your needs. If you’re using Pure Barre or a fitness subscription you can choose how many classes you need and which classes you’d like to attend. Choice means efficiency – less money and time spent dealing with things that don’t matter to you. Likewise, a subscription means access to the services that you want without being charged for the services that you don’t need.

More Accessibility

As a subscriber, you’re always a customer. Because of this, there’s no reintegration process every time you buy. Let’s compare the meal subscription HelloFresh with a meal kit from Harry and David’s. With HelloFresh you set up an account, choose a subscription, and set up an auto-recurring payment. If you run into a hitch, you can always pause. To get a recurring meal from Harry and David’s you’d search for several meals, place multiple items into your cart, schedule different delivery times throughout a month, and hope that you don’t need to cancel items. If you wanted subsequent meals, you’d have to repeat this tedious process. It’s easy to see that not only is there less friction to the buying process in a subscription model, but that the entire purchasing process is more accessible. With easier search options, quick order edits, and seamless scheduling, why would anyone not want a subscription?!

How does an Isovera ONE Success Plan offer more value, better customization and more accessibility?

Isovera ONE is a flexible, cost‑effective digital subscription plan that balances technology and marketing, fueled by ingenuity and authenticity. Tailored to your business, Isovera partners with you, giving you access to an award winning team of strategists, builders, designers, and thinkers with a shared goal: to improve the digital experience for your users by bridging the gap between marketing and technology. 

How does our Success Plan work? 

Built to scale, you choose a number of hours per month. We put together a team of experts in their fields aligned to your digital needs. Every success plan starts with website foundational maintenance that covers the implementation of security updates/patches, upgrades, development projects, site support, training, managing 3rd party tracking/conversion, audits, scripts, performance, repairs, high level analytics and 24/7/365 monitoring. From strategy to execution, you also have access to a range of services that can be added to your success plan so you get help where you need it most:

  • Website Development
  • UX design & Experience
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Branding & Visual Design
  • Database Development & Management
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Content Strategy & Development 
  • Tech Planning & Consulting
  • Lead Generation
  • Audience Planning & Journey Mapping
  • User Testing & Prototyping 
  • Drupal & WordPress Maintenance
  • Application Development
  • Compliance & Security

Together, we solve your business challenges for today, while fueling opportunities for tomorrow. Learn more about Isovera ONE by visiting us here: https://www.isoveraone.com