Uniting Communities in Disastrous Times

By Lauren Hettler

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston is primarily funded through donations of its parishioners during weekly offertory. With services halted due to COVID-19, they needed  a way to accept donations or risk financial devastation. 

To address this, Isovera proposed and developed a user-friendly digital donation campaign in a matter of a few days, start to finish. The donation campaign featured a landing page allowing for easy, quick donations and was seamlessly integrated with Ecommerce platform Stripe and a custom webform. It empowered parishioners to play an active and integral role in their community and acted as a platform for parishes to reaffirm that parishioners were staying engaged and to track charitable donations.

During the first phase of 90 Days Now, the Archdiocese reported that more than half of $1M in gifts and pledges had been raised from over 1,700 donors benefitting 246 parishes which had experienced reduced offertory due to the pandemic. 

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