Tufts University

Higher Education COVID-19 Informational Campaign

“We called Isovera for some strategic advice on how to evolve our coronavirus website. They offered shrewd insights that ranged from web development to content strategy. As a result, the next iteration of our website should meet the needs of key audiences much more effectively, so we can give them what they’re looking for with efficiency and clarity.”

– Max Green, Director of Digital Services


With the breakout of COVID-19, organizations within higher education have had their digital communication and web presences put to the test. The Digital Services Group at Tufts University was one of these groups, and was tasked with disseminating a torrent of information to their 12,000 undergrad and graduate students, 1,500 faculty members, and a staff of 3,500.

As COVID-19 information poured in, the Tufts team reached out to Isovera for strategic advice around information architecture and user experience. Specializing in higher education website projects, Isovera developed an online strategy focused on the varied user groups and user journeys overnight.


Providing direction around content strategy and information display, the Isovera team enabled Tufts University to create a targeted information website campaign around the virus.

The digital services group was able to disseminate emergency insistence that included hundreds of frequently asked questions to the various user groups from the 11 school colleges and anyone looking to learn more about the university’s response to the virus.



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