Drupal Training Sessions


The technical team for official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,, was seeking a partner to provide support and training on their newly launched site.

How We Solved It

Coinciding with the launch of their new, groundbreaking Drupal 8 website, Isovera conducted a two-week Drupal training boot camp, coaching and transforming the technical team into Drupal 8 experts. To do this, we covered essential skills from developing secure modules and themes to using Git version control, as well as an extensive review of coding standards and security best practices when working within Drupal. Within this short time-frame, we brought the IT team up to spec and ready to tackle any target issues within site function or capabilities that may arise, ensuring a rich, polished user experience for all visitors.

How It Fueled Results

By recieving quality hands-on, face-to-face, training from Isovera development experts, the IT team fueled their Drupal know-how. They were ready to take on the immediate technical challenges faced when working to support their cutting edge Drupal 8 website. Also, in an actual “teach-a-person-to-fish” scenario, Isovera embedded the IT team with the technical confidence to take on any future challenges that they may face and to provide the best IT support as requested going forward.

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