Sine Nomine

Crossing the Drupal 8 Finish Line


In the digital world, it’s all too easy to start a project and find yourself in over your head. For IT service provider Sine Nomine – stuck half way through a Drupal 8 upgrade – this was exactly the case.

How We Solved It

Tasked with a website migration to Drupal 8, the Sine Nomine team started what they thought was a routine Drupal upgrade. About halfway though, they hit a rut migrating their theme and phoned in the Isovera team to help complete the project.

Taking on a half-built custom Drupal theme and laying out the foundations for a content migration, Isovera helped Sine Nomine tackle a full Drupal 8 migration.

By working with Sine Nomine to rebuild a completely new D8 theme, creating documentation to allow the team to understand the migration process, and handing off clean code, detailed records of work, and a new theme, Isovera successfully helped cross the Drupal 8 migration finish line.

How It Fueled Results

The work with Isovera helped to fuel Sine Nomine’s success, as the team is now able to use their new site, understand the technology behind their CMS, and leverage the power and flexibility of a website built using Drupal 8.

This enables their team of technologists and software developers to focus on delivering better value to their clients, and not get stuck with the day-to-day frustrations of working with an outdated or broken website.

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