Content administrative back-end interface


WordStream is SaaS company which helps businesses acquire customers via paid digital media (paid search and paid social). They were looking for a partner to help in building an easy-to-use yet rich content administrative back-end interface for their Drupal Website.

How We Solved It

To simplify WordStream’s content admin experience, Isovera built a code-free backend that allows editors to  change the website’s appearance with a few simple clicks, making the WordStream platform welcoming to a much wider range of content creators. In this updated backend system, admins can easily add, edit, and change web pages, swap out text quickly, and change font size, color width, and more! Creators can also now edit backgrounds, headers, text background colors, and image blocks in a matter of seconds, allowing content creators to focus on quality content over web design, fueling desired results. 

How It Fueled Results

Allowing content creators more control and flexibility with the CMS’s admin back-end capabilities enables editors to navigate their platform with ease. We removed the friction between content and development, which allows creators to focus on more innovative tasks. Admins can now take more exciting risks, pushing the envelope further when creating and displaying new content, knowing that they can react to analytics quickly, adapting to positive or negative reports via a new streamlined process. Creators can now afford to play and experiment with how they present information – manipulating text, fonts, or copy to reflect offerings, to A/B test efficiently, or even rolling out new pages on the fly, instantly as needed. In a radically fast-paced digital world, we’ve given content creators the tools to keep up with and even surpass the competition, even with minimal development experience.

Following the site rebuild and redesign, analytics reported major influxes in site traffic, including:

  • 10.0% increase in new site users
  • 12.0% increase in page views (3 months pre vs post launch)
  • 12.7% increase in the number of sessions
  • Overall traffic increases beating previous record highs by 5%

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