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CAES (formerly Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions), a prominent player in the aerospace industry, embarked on a rebranding and repositioning journey to establish a unified identity and differentiate itself from CobhamUK.


Seeking a breakthrough strategy, CAES turned to Isovera for secure and scalable Drupal website design and development. Impressed by Isovera’s multifaceted capabilities, CAES entrusted Isovera with brand strategy, design, messaging, UX/UI, and development, resulting in a fully integrated and transformative digital system.


Inspired by Isovera’s initial design mood board, CAES embraced a complete rebranding effort encompassing a brand book, logo, new name, redesigned website, letterhead, and messaging strategy. Isovera’s unique discovery process brought together CAES’s separate teams, fostering unity and accelerating their capacity for innovation. The UX/UI design simplified complex ideas, guiding users through components and tangible products.









CAES Mood board

A brand book is an outline of a brand’s mission, image, and core values.

Above all else, it is a brand’s very identity, a DNA blueprint with layers of details, from the more general – such as brand purpose – to the more intricate nuances and specifics.

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Isovera implemented a Drupal 9 solution, ensuring the performance, scalability, and security necessary to meet CAES’s government contracts.

Acquia was recommended as the hosting provider, offering certified security and enhanced support. A custom Drupal 9 information management system was developed to streamline data from over 6,000 data sets into a user-friendly format for efficient backend management.

CAES Icon Website
CAES Mobile

An optimization for mobile while staying on top of ADA best practices and compliance is of the utmost importance at Isovera. This must have is included in everything we do.

The rebranding and digital system transformation results were remarkable.

The partnership between CAES and Isovera has extended for over three years, with Isovera’s maintenance plan ensuring ongoing website and SEO optimization. Recent SEO work has yielded powerful results, including high-ranking organic search results on Google, increased traffic, substantial cost savings in paid search advertising, and significant improvement in keyword rankings on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

CAES Digitalsystem Set

CAES continues to leverage Isovera's expertise to maintain its digital presence, solidify its market position, and drive growth in the aerospace and defense industry.
"Isovera is incredible. It’s like they became an extension of our team. We’ve probably given them a lot of heartaches, but you’d never know it. They’ve kept us on our toes and are always willing to lend a hand again to turn around items.”

— CAES Team


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