Maintenance Plans

Simple, Flexible, and Strategic

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Do you need help to keep up with maintaining a reliable website while also implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies?

Isovera is the partner you can trust to balance the workload of reliable design, website, and technology maintenance with transformative, cutting-edge marketing solutions. Our expert team provides flexible, cost-effective maintenance plans packed with ingenuity.

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Why Our Plans

Are Unique.

Responsive -

We are committed to responding within two hours when you reach out to your dedicated Account Manager.

Partner, Not Vendor -

We prioritize our maintenance clients' service as much as any other clients.

Strategic & Proactive -

Our dedicated team always thinks strategically and provides exceptional solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Agency Core Solution -

Maintenance Plans are a core service at Isovera. We continuously seek to improve and scale our services to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Flexible -

We know s**t happens. That is why you have lots of flexibility with your plans to adapt to your organization's and industry's ever-changing landscape.

Transparent -

We believe transparency is critical to success. You will always be aware of the budget, hours, and what your team is actively working on for your team

Not Just A
Nice To Have

A maintenance plan is a
must have.

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It is essential for your business's online presence and growth. It protects against security breaches, ensures compliance, and helps achieve KPIs for growth. Our plans include access to our entire team for comprehensive support in various areas.

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UX Design & Experience

Branding & Visual Design

Content Strategy,
& Management

User Testing & Prototyping

Search Engine Optimization

Lead Generation

Coding & Development

Tech Planning & Consulting

Database Development
& Management

Security Consulting

ADA Compliance

Measurement & Analytics

To Fit
Your Needs

We understand that every marketing team is unique, and that's why we offer customizable maintenance plans tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Our team works with you to determine the services that will be most beneficial to your brand, whether you are a medium-sized business, an enterprise organization, or an agency partner. By taking a personalized approach, we can help you save time and resources, allowing you to focus on your core operations while our team of experts takes care of your maintenance needs.”

— Matt Naffah, Partner & CEO at Isovera

Flexible, cost effective and loaded with ingenuity…


Let’s talk about how an Maintenance Plan can work for you.


Here’s some more info!

Do hours roll over from month to month?

Yes! Throughout the duration of your subscription, you can borrow hours from the future, as well as roll hours from one month into the next (though if your subscription ends in May, you cannot roll extra hours into June unless you re-subscribe).

What if I need additional hours?

You may purchase additional hours or renew your subscription at any time.

How much does a subscription cost?

Rates will vary based on volume of hours. Contact Isovera to get a free estimate.

What is the minimum contract term?

12 Months, and we offer quarterly payment schedules.

What if a new project comes up mid plan?

Isovera can handle both subscriptions and ad-hoc projects, your plan manager will help you scope out any special projects.

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Reach out, and let’s see what could be the best fit for you.


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