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Expel, a leading managed detection and response service provider, partnered with Isovera to enhance its branding and website to improve product access and highlight its market leadership.

Isovera embarked on a journey to reorganize the Expel website, prioritizing user experience and intuitive access to product information. Through this process, Isovera refined Expel’s brand voice, visual language, and organizational culture while developing a user-friendly content management system (CMS) to support future growth.

The project was executed in two phases. In phase one, Isovera delivered “Quick Win” enhancements to the homepage and navigation, aligning the brand and facilitating more accessible access to product details for an upcoming conference. Phase two involved comprehensive discovery sessions that led to improved UX/UI, enhanced messaging, and scalable development. Isovera conducted on-site photoshoots with Expel employees to add a human touch to the brand.

Expel Audiences

Isovera conducted a comprehensive audit of the Expel site, analyzing UX/UI, message clarity, design, and market position.

Valuable insights from workshops and interviews with Expel’s marketing team and sales force informed the reorganization of the site, focusing on products and a user-centric approach. The visual brand expression was refined through an Isovera mood board, which presented design ideas encompassing colors, images, icons, and fonts.

Core colors

Colors with shades and tints

Expel Moodboard Icons Expel Bots

With an emphasis on UX/UI, Isovera improved the lead generation pipeline, navigation, and access to product information and calls-to-action (CTAs).

The site content was streamlined, enabling users to navigate based on specific problems they aimed to solve. For example, site content was made more navigable by creating a desires-based menu section called “I Want To…,” allowing users to navigate the site based on the problems they were trying to solve. Expel’s brand voice was enhanced, ensuring hierarchy, nuance, and variation for maximum impact and natural entry points.

Expel Screen Single 1
Expel Screen Single 3
Group 1000

Capturing Culture

We worked closely with Expel to capture what it means to be part of their team. Capturing the essence of the Expel culture was crucial to the success of this project. With camera in hand we planned a photoshoot to snap the magic.


Our Take

When you work with a group of people in cybersecurity you are already working with a team that understands technology at a deeper level. It is always a pleasure working with a strong client technical team.

— Jim Rich, Partner & COO

Jim Rich - Partner & COO



The technical solution involved building the new site on WordPress, leveraging its scalability and familiarity for Expel’s in-house development team. Pantheon hosting was chosen for its security and support, which is essential for the cybersecurity industry.

The partnership between Isovera and Expel resulted in a standout website that showcased Expel’s distinctive brand voice, visual identity, logical navigation, and industry leadership story. The strategic partnership continues to thrive, supported by Isovera’s success plan.

The project’s success was marked by Expel’s recognition at the 2023 Web Excellence Awards, receiving the Pioneering Exceptional Digital Experiences in Cyber Security Web Design award.

Isovera and Expel’s collaboration was highly collaborative and dynamic, with a shared vision of finding solutions together.

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